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what can i do

my son is 8 months old and has breathing problems since he has been 4 weeks old. He was diagnose with asthma at 6 weeks and has been on pulmicort and albuterol since then.He has been hospitilized with RSV and bronciolitis and since then has been doing alittle  worse. He looks and acts normal and can have days where he is fine but can also have days to where every couple of hours his state changes form good to bad. His pulmonologist thinks he may  have bronchial malasia but i dont understand exactly what that is or what that can do to him. The doctor wants to do a broncoscopy but i am nervous to have him go under anesthia. I have tried everything that I know to do to help him but I am running out of options. Is there anything you can reccomend.

This discussion is related to 6 month old son.
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I am not a doctor but I can offer personal experience with bronchoscopies. I have had a handful of them done to me, under light sedation for various reasons ranging from theraputic lavages (to rid me of large amounts of secretions) to getting a good look at my lung's anatomy which is what I suspect your son's pulmonologist wants to do. The procedure itself is relatively quick, I recovered quickly with only a slight irritation to my lungs as a result.
Bronchiomalacia is narrowing of the airways do to floppy or softening of airway walls..this can be visualized via a bronchoscope.  I know that surgery can be performed to help correct this.
I hope this helps...Sunny
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