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what is excitotoxin 621

I will have to look in to MSG as well. I am used to CFS symptoms for 17 years, but the last 2 years I have been experiencing the tight chest, shortness of breath, thick throat, bloating, belching, difficulty swallowing - it starts about i hour after the meal. Two years of Nexium did not help. I've had upper endoscopies and breathing tests. Some GI doctors can't even make the link between Gerd and Breathing issues - very frustrating.

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Have you ever tried drinking a cup of hot water? Not tea or any beverage, just plain hot water. For some reason it seems to alleviate some of the bloaty, short of breath symptoms. Note...do not fill your cup from the hot water tap (water from your hot water heater can be less than pure). Just nuke or heat cold water to soup temp.
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