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why do I smell this weard smell all the time?

From about two weeks ago everything smells the same to me. I can't enjoy perfumes, food, or anything because everything smell like I can't explain it it is like kind of mildue or something.It is horrible, I am afraid I am losing my apetite for this reason.
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try avelox, a prescription medication that helped rid me of the crazy smell that went everywhere with me.  others have mentioned that stopping using a fabric softener in the laundry helped them. good luck.
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I was one of the ones who said to stop using ALL fabric softeners.  There is a way you can soften clothes without making yourself miserable using all those toxins that are making you sick and that aren't good for the environment either.  As strange as it sounds to the uninitiated, it is true that simply adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle is all it takes to soften your clothes.  And, honestly, I don't even do that, because I don't have any problems with my clothes.  But, this is a worthwhile recommendation for people who want to know what they can do, because they feel like they "need" fabric softener.  Vinegar smell does NOT linger.  And, vinegar is a great household disinfectant and cleaner.  It even kills mold.

You may find that you need to get rid of all kinds of chemical agents in your home.  Our world is surrounded with massive amounts of toxic chemicals.  The majority of homes have gallons and gallons of toxins that they don't even realize are so toxic for themselves as well as the environment.  It really helps to get rid of the expensive commercial household chemical cleaners and to start with a natural cleaning kit at home:  http://www.care2.com/greenliving/make-your-own-non-toxic-cleaning-kit.html  I used to smell such awful smells in my nasal passages that actually smelled similar to what I smelled when I had sinus infections all the time.  It turned out that I had severe allergies to the environment.  When I cleaned up my personal environment, I stopped having sinus infections.  And, here is something that will help encourage people to invest in natural cleaning:  It's a lot cheaper for your pocket book as well as being healthy for both yourself and your loved ones, as well as for the environment.  In these hard economic times, I would think that would be a strong enough motivation for people.  You can do all the things you need and want to do with the cleaning recipes talked about on that website.

Do not be concerned about the glass cleaner if it seems like it doesn't work in the way expected with that recipe.  Actually, the recipe works and is a great recipe.  The problem is that glass cleaners that people have used for years and years leave a waxy build-up film on the glass.  That waxy residue is petroleum based, by the way.  Be sure to NOT use commercial dish detergent, because those are all petroleum based as well.  Once you clean your glass enough times, that waxy residue will finally be washed away and you'll see that the glass cleaning recipe that they have on that site really does work well.  I don't use newspapers either.  I just use my normal cleaning cloths and rags, which is even better for the environment.  I don't bring newspapers into my home, because of my allergies and because I don't read the newspapers for them to be worth bringing home in the first place.  Seventh Generation is a wonderful dish liquid, if you're looking for any useful suggestions, but there are actually many natural dish liquids available these days.  Planet is another good brand, which is available in your average grocery store.

Believe me, getting rid of the household chemicals from top to bottom is a great investment in your health and you won't regret it.
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