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hi can i ask why i keep getting infection after infection.in the last 7 months i have had 10 different course of antibiotics varying in time from 2 weeks to six weeks duration plus prednisilone 30mg per day for 7 days duration each time..fluid was noted on right lung via x ray .this cleaared after treatment for 6 weeks with different antibiotics..the dosage of antibiotics has been 3x500mg or 4x500mg per day prescribed by my doctor.                                                                            
also why have my fev figures  gone down as follows since stopping smoking  plus exerecising virtually daily,i am 59 male.i am feeling as though i am loosing ground every day &more sob.
Dec 2006
FEV 1           2.16
Lung   fvc      3.64 litre
peak flow       426

July 2007
FEV1            1.7
LUNG FVC    4.4 Litre
peak flow       420
can a doctor give me opion please on what is happening please,please help
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