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Is anyone taking the medication Horizant for their Restless Leg? If so, is it helping?
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There is a curse and cure for RLS
Doctors don’t know the cause and cure of RLS; I have a hypothesis for the cause, and I have a simple and effective cure.
First, the cure.
Lie down or sit, keep your legs straight, pull your toes toward you and then stretch your toes away from you; Repeat dozens of times.
Then, snap your first and second toes; repeat dozens of times.
Then stand with feet apart, jump dozens of times, be sure to raise your heel first, then your front ball of foot, then toes.
Do these a few times a day.
You can also do these while standing, just lift one leg and do it, hold something with your hand so you won’t fall.
You should do these even if you don't suffer RLS. They are the best exercises for everyone.
If You have a sound sleep tonight, congratulation;
If this doesn't help, I’m sorry, I can’t help you, you might need magnesium or iron or whatever.

Now the cause.
There is no disease involved; it is simply a sign of the degeneration of our feet and legs.
Our ancestor have been running around on four legs for millions of years, and when you run on four legs, you engage your front balls and toes all the time. And when you move your front balls and toes, those related muscles give your lower leg a deep massage and keep your legs healthy. I’m sure our ancestor didn’t suffer RLS.
Now, we don’t run on four legs anymore, we don’t even run on two legs, we sit all day, and when we walk, we walk on our heels. Our feet and legs are dying before our heart and brain, And RLS is simply the sign of dying or degeneration of our legs. Our left leg usually suffer worse than right leg, why? because we do exercise our right foot while driving.
So exercise your feet and toes, you not only help yourself, you will do a big favor to later generations.
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I am doing well. I feel this drug is finally giving me some kind of relief.
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How are you? Horizant or gabapentin enacarbil  is a prodrug of gabapentinis,  While one person's experience with one drug may vary, this drug is usually indicated for moderate- to -severe primary Restless Legs Syndrome. Take is exactly as prescribed and watch out for the more common side effects such as  sleepiness,
dizziness or blurring of vision. Take care and regards.
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