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I'd like to know the concensus of this community as to RLS symptoms.

I have had what I call RLS, off and on for years. I don't have periodic limb movement - sleep studies have confirmed. I have a need to tense and contract my muscles - legs, arms, and at times, even my torso. It's as though a toxin is in my muscles which only contracting them constantly relieves.

I know that is how many describe it, but it often gets confused with the movement disorder. I have low iron, and have had to have infusions before. I've tried mirapex and neurontin - neither one helped. Clonidine helps at fairly high doses - but I am at my wits end!

I have MS and Systemic Sclerosis, autonomic dysfunction, and several other autoimmune diseases, as well as severe spine degeneration and scoliosis, and facet joint arthritis - autoimmune Diabetes, and on and on. I've often blamed the RLS on one of my diseases - since several are neurological. But it often seems like it's own condition - and quite frankly is so horrible - I think it is the hardest to tolerate!

I've been reducing my pain meds recently, which increases the RLS symptoms even further. I'm hoping to get helpful information from this community to reduce the agony. I've started taking iron again, but would love to hear what helps others with this type RLS.

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