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I am not sure whats going on with me but I seem to have the symptoms of RLS. At night when sleeping I am awaken by extreme pain in my left leg. From my hip down I think. It only affects me at night. Stating to almost feel like a cramp but It really isnt. Anyone else having these symptoms?
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Having something like that yeah, tense and tingling in the legs which could be the nerves, also had a twitching leg a lot earlier. I put a hot water bottle on them but they feel pretty funny. How long have you been having this?
About a month now. Just had spine surgery recently.
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You should go see a doctor because it could be a pinched nerve or something.  I've had RLS for years and when it started I would just stretch or use a stationary bike and then I'd be able to sleep.  It isn't really a pain for me but like.... well like I just can't stand to stay still.  I have to move my legs and flex and stretch.  I would actually get into a stretch that made my legs feel better and try to fall asleep that way.  I got a stationary bike and would use that for a while before I went to bed, just not fast because I needed to be able to sleep.  I finally went to the doctor and they put me on requip which helps.  

Anyway, it really is a restlessness...... and creepy crawly feeling that gets unbearable so you just can't sit still.  Look up sciatica and see if that sounds like the pain you have.  It would be a blessing to have something that can be fixed instead of being medicated for life.  I wish you luck!  
Yeah Im already on so many pain meds. Having surgery again soon. Spinal stimulation. I was told that it can help up to 4 parts of the body. I think that will be the 4th.
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