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Hello, I know the misery of RLS and the only way you can temporarily find relief, if you are lying in bed, is to literally kick the leg straight, but then a minute later it's back again!  It's like horrible ants crawling in your legs.  I empathise with you who are experiencing it.  BUT, my friends, I can recommend a natural cure which works within 2 minutes!  My husband used to be a medical herbalist/homeopath, and luckily he had the herbs and tinctures at home.  One night I couldn't stand this RLS and wasn't getting sleep (neither was poor hubby!) and he gave me a glossy black herbal tablet which was a mix of Skullcap and Mistletoe.  Two minutes later I was like a baby off to sleep, no RLS.  You can get these tablets at a Homeopathic Clinic or sometimes through a Natural Health Food Store.  Good luck!
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well,im going to try and find that and i pray it works for me..because ive had r.l.s for years and the past year it has gotten soooo bad,its really getting to be it starts off every night at around 7pm,and then its not only in my legs,but also in my arms too.it starts with the left side then switches..constantly!!!!!!all night!!!!every nite!!!!!it hutrs too!!!bad!!!i literally cannot stay still for more then 30 seconds!no exaggeration either!!!so,needless to say im not sleeping either.i take around 5 baths during night just to try and get a little relief.i dunno what to do..its so bad now..and my family thinks im exxagerating...is this restell leg?or maybe something more?jamee
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I'm 70 and a longtime RLS sufferer.  A year or so back the local doctor's column discussed an RLS solution a reader submitted, namely taking a Tums or 2 before bedtime.  I didn't have any Tums on hand so tried a glass of milk instead (skim, but I think any will work).  Voila, no more RLS problems since then.
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I too have RLS in my legs and arms and my doc wanted me to take Parkinsons meds but it just didn't sit well with me. I have been reading everything I could about this terrible syndrome and I found an article about Vitamin E. It said to take 200 mg 2 X's a day which I did and with in 20 minutes the restless symptoms were gone! I couldn't believe it butttttt-here's the problem....Vit E gives me a headache. I even tried taking it at lower doses and it still gives me a headache. I so far have kept taking it and dealing with the headache until I find something else. I would try it if I were you because I think most people don't experience negative symptoms and this low dose. Make sure the Vit E is natural not synthetic. Good Luck
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I took a parkinson's medication for 3 years and found it helped a lot.  It was the generic Sinemet (carbidopa).  For me it was two pills every time I began to have problems and within 30 min. I found relief.  This one has been on the market for a long time which I liked. The lower amount that one takes there are few if any side effects.  A person with Parkinson's would take about 36 a day vs. my taking anywhere from 2 - 6 a day depending on the RLS severity.  So do not dismiss it if you are till having problems.  I personally had no side effects.  
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Isn't mistletoe toxic??!!!! A nurse practitioner said it was..
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who mentioned mistletoe??
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Dinkydi48 did..said it was an ingredient in the pills she suggested????
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oops missed that one!
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  I have RLS sometimes, I will stretch my leg as tight as I can and that helps some, finally it goes away, I also took OTC" Leg Cramps" tablets that helped, this is so annoying !
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Has anyone ever had the leg jerks.. very hard ones ? I did when I was sick with a Tummy bug, my arm even jerked a few times , was scary, had never happened before, thought I could have been dehydrated a bit.
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I have the worst restless legs at this moment in time. I have had it for over 15 yrs but the last week I feel like chopping off my legs.

What usually helps for me is putting cream on my feet then putting on some long baseball socks. LOL Looks funny but hey it seems to work 90% of the time.
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I would be happy to talk to yuor family of non belivers. Mine is as bad as yours. I tool 1 mg of Mirapex for several years but always tired. The doctor suggested 20 mg of Methadone and said it was such a small dose I should have no issues. Four years later I sm going off it which took 8 weeks with 2 weekks with almost no sleep felt like dying. Never tske methadone even if it msed you fel you don't hsve it. Good Luck
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I've been having a lot of success by using an inflammation-reducing diet.  I started out by using a book called The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan, by Monica Reinagel.  With her methods, I got my baseline level of symptoms down low enough that now I am starting to be able to identify specific triggers.  Gluten is a trigger for me, so I'm now eating gluten-free.  Splenda and aspartame are triggers for me also.  It's only been about six weeks since I read the book, and I'm sleeping better than I have in decades.  I'm hoping that the benefits will accumulate and grow even more.  I'm not cured, but I'm a whole, whole lot better.  Oh, and before I found that book, I was taking a chelated magnesium supplement, which also helped some.  I have continued taking the chelated magnesium since starting the diet.  
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That's funny! I was diagnosed with RLS in 2004 after lifetime of RLS... remembered crazy nights as a child tossing and turning, the condition persisted, and led me to opiate addiction.  Heroin worked, Methadone also helped me sleep but I didn't like it much and now take Suboxone and I have accepted the fact that I will be on for ever.  I have severe RLS,  am so relieved that I don't think a day passes that I am thankful of my medication...
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I have had restless legs for over 20 years.  Worse when I drink, especially apple cider (Strongbow.)  I discovered taking calcium really helps. I take 2 Calcium Magnesium 1:1 (100mg each) in the morning, and two after dinner. I also started doing yoga two years ago, and I do a 3 minute shoulder stand every night before bed. This gets the whole days worth of pooled blood out of your legs, and that has been miraculous for me. It is so nice to be able to deal with this without taking any drugs.
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There is a curse and cure for RLS
Doctors don’t know the cause and cure of RLS; I have a hypothesis for the cause, and I have a simple and effective cure.
First, the cure.
Lie down or sit, keep your legs straight, pull your toes toward you and then stretch your toes away from you; Repeat dozens of times.
Then, snap your first and second toes; repeat dozens of times.
Then stand with feet apart, jump dozens of times, be sure to raise your heel first, then your front ball of foot, then toes.
Do these a few times a day.
You can also do these while standing, just lift one leg and do it, hold something with your hand so you won’t fall.
You should do these even if you don't suffer RLS. They are the best exercises for everyone.
If You have a sound sleep tonight, congratulation;
If this doesn't help, I’m sorry, I can’t help you, you might need magnesium or iron or whatever.

Now the cause.
There is no disease involved; it is simply a sign of the degeneration of our feet and legs.
Our ancestor have been running around on four legs for millions of years, and when you run on four legs, you engage your front balls and toes all the time. And when you move your front balls and toes, those related muscles give your lower leg a deep massage and keep your legs healthy. I’m sure our ancestor didn’t suffer RLS.
Now, we don’t run on four legs anymore, we don’t even run on two legs, we sit all day, and when we walk, we walk on our heels. Our feet and legs are dying before our heart and brain, And RLS is simply the sign of dying or degeneration of our legs. Our left leg usually suffer worse than right leg, why? because we do exercise our right foot while driving.
So exercise your feet and toes, you not only help yourself, you will do a big favor to later generations.
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