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restless leg syndrome

i cant afford my medication for restless leg syndrome.

what can i do?
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Contact your local St.Vincent they help with monthly medications.
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Hi there. Restless leg syndrome is a disorder in which there is an urge to move legs to stop unpleasant sensations. There is no known cure of this syndrome. You could try to reduce stress and help in relaxing muscles with warm baths, gentle stretching exercises and massage. Low doses of pramipexole has been prescribed by some and found effective. If you have disrupted sleep you could be prescribed anti parkinsonism medicines tranquilisers etc. you may also require iron supplements if iron deficiency is the cause of this. You would need a neurologist’s consultation ideally. Hope this helps. Take care.

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Try taking fairly large does of vitamin B1 and see if that helps.
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I have RLS, triggered from a back injury, but I take VERY inexpensive opiate-derivatives, which is one of the four categories of medications a person can take for stopping those legs from seizing up.  So, see if someone who is knowledgeable about RLS will give you a mild one, I take Tylenol Codeine #3, altho some docs are not happy about prescribing those.

One thing I also do that's "natural" to help my RLS is, if my legs are acting up when I go to bed, I pull on support stockings, and they hold the spazing muscles together just long enough for me to go to sleep.  I agree with doing lower leg stretches, and a warm electric pad on your legs helps.  
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The reason I suggest a trial with B1 is that I was having trouble with cramping legs, especially when I was in bed (although got it other times as well). I tried this and that and nothing worked. Then I hit on B1 and all the twitching and cramping disappeared. This might not work for you, but it is a harmless and inexpensive trial. Take 100 mg for about three days. If it doesn't work by then, it won't work at all.
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