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New PcP Lied, what should I do?

Okay, so I moved due to work to a completely different part of the states. So im having to start over with new Dr. These Rheumatologist here require PcP established first to get seen even tho i was established with same specialist where im from. So i go and try to do as im told so i can continue treatment with my new rheumo. I asked doc to run inflammation test bcuz i was experiencing swelling and serious joint pain and i wanted to kno my levels plus a couple of test he recommended to check my kidney and liver bcuz of my lupus. I said sure. When i get a call they say my inflammation is normal and i say thats odd and she replies that sumtimes the body adjust to inflammation and ur body will adjust and come back negative and suggest x rays And they want to see me back next day. I say no to both thinkin im crazy seeming ive never heard of bodies adjusting and maybe shes right no need to waste time chasing nothing. Then i get my bill in which is another thing entirely. But there is no test for inflammation no ESR or CRP that im being charged for but it shows other test that we did discuss. I feel like i have been lied to and dont kno what i should do.  I knew she was blowing smoke when she said ur body adjust and show negative. Along with being charged when my insurance covers my entire visit i know that i can leave this dr but i think they should be held accountable as well bcuz i as a patient should be able to request test and expect to not be lied to either about results. Like he said they already had my file from my last rheumo and established what i have wouldnt they want to monitor the dieases i have and listen to patients especially when u r the one paying ur insurancethat pays them to do their jobs. Sorry side tracked. Any suggestions on what to do from here and thanks for listening to my rant.
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Oh yeah and they said to quit working out!! I never heard of such talk exspecially from a doctors office unless its life threatening which im pretty sure my org. Rheumo says to excerise to keep my inflammation down. Who do i turn these ppl into
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