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Introducing Tuckamore as your new Co-Community Leader

who will be working alongside Co-CL Carolanivey in the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Arthritis communities.  We look forward to working with all our members as your community continues to grow.

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Hello Members and Visitors,

I'm delighted to have an opportunity to assist in this community. I'll help to the best of my ability.

I do have lots of personal experience with this painful disease condition as well as education. Please feel free to post your questions. We'll do our best to figure out the answers - together.

I welcome all new members and and look forward to working with our existing members.

Warm Regards,

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Hi Tuckamore and welcome.

I "hang out" mostly at Autoimmune Community, however, if you ever
need any help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes and I also look forward to working & interacting with you in this Forum.
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Thanks so much. It's great to meet you Niko.

This Forum has been quiet since I became Co-CL. I try to check it twice a day however if you see a post I missed please give me a holler.

You can usually find me on the Pain Management Forum. I look forward to working & interacting with you also - and getting to know you.


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