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Rheumatoid arthritis and sudden change of CRP level

My mother has RA. We checked the CRP level recently and the report indicates very high CRP level (59.4 mg/l). Then we channeled a doctor and the after examining, he said that the report may be wrong and there was no any sign of increase of  RA. In this time she has some pain over body muscles and the doctor said it's because of some tightness in muscles. Also doctor advised to recheck the CRP level after two days. As he said we checked the CRP level again and the report indicates low CRP level(nearly 7). This test had been done by not the previous Lab. After the test we went to the previous lab and inform about the issue. They said again and again their test is not wrong and in some patient, CRP level can be changed in sudden(hour by hour) .This is my problem. Is there any possibility for changing CRP level in sudden? If yes, then what we need to do? Is it sign of different disease then RA ?
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I'm not finding a definite answer to your question, but from the answer on this respected website: https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/Ask_the_doctor_Should_my_CRP_level_change_from_test_to_test, it does not sound like the test results should be changing that rapidly.

It has been a few weeks.  How is it going now?
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