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rib pain

I have RA and about 16 years ago a friend was giving me a hug and thought it would be cool to crack my back all the way up. It took months for my ribs to heal.  Now when ever I get stressed or cold or have to lift the muscles around my ribs get so are for weeks at a time. Is this normal once you hurt your ribs to have it re occur like that.
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Hi there!

While acute symptoms could have been related to the hug causing minor trauma injury to muscles/ ligaments with associated inflammation; chronic/ prolonged symptoms are unlikely to be related to an acute trauma. While the symptoms could be a part of RA features, other possible causes would need to be ruled out as well. You may consider an evaluation by an internist/ rheumatologist for an accurate diagnosis and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
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Take care!
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This exact same thing happened to my wife, I suspected a cracked rib poking something, the pain was severe, the clinic did x-rays found nothing and said she probably threw her back out ! Subsequently come to find out she has lung cancer , but wait 3 weeks later it is Lung Carcinoid or Neuroendocrine Cancer, this is what was causing the pain after she "cracked her back! she now has mets all over , lung ,lymph nodes , mediastinal cavity, thyroid, pancreas, liver and major bone mets. So stage IV. this was 15 months ago. The good news, shes doing fabulous, We go to Germany every couple of months for treatment as its not available here yet (thanks FDA !!!) but it is available in just about every other country for the last 15 years !!! Ask Steve Jobs he had the same cancer ! Of course what did he know ? He went to Switzerland ! BTW the treatment is called PRRT, and NO its not experimental or alternative. Also the chances of you having this cancer is very, very remote. Just same circumstances with the rib thing. good luck
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