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Another "Is this RA?" question

I have been referred to a Rheumatologist after spending about five minutes with my GP describing my symptoms. He said he wanted to rule some things out like RA, Lupus, or Lyme disease. I have done some online research; it has become apparent that I present several symptoms of RA.

Since late fall of 2009, it started with pain/numbness in my fingers/wrists in both hands. I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on my right hand in January of this year with some success, although my fingers and wrists still hurt, especially in the morning (hard to hold things and open jars etc.) I also started to develop severe pain in both shoulders and upper arms around the same time –it’s difficult to put on a shirt in the morning. I was sent to physical rehab without much success.

I always suspected something amiss with the symmetrical nature of my pain, but when I also developed severe pain in both my knees, especially behind them over the last three months, I knew something wasn’t quite right. The knee pain is worse in the morning after waking and after sitting to long periods of time. It has become difficult to get out of my car or desk chair due to the pain. People have started to notice my “old man” walking style at 42 (male).  

What makes my concerned about RA is the bi-lateral nature of my symptoms and also the morning pain/stiffness that improves after an hour. I can tolerate some pain as a consequence of aging, but I look like a mummy in the morning after emerging from the crypt.

Suggestions on my upcoming appointment? Thanks.

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Dear Friend,
Well there are many many things to be addressed, while handling the condition of auto-immune disease (RA / Lupus / etc).
The questions should be aimed at -
1) Controlling the progression of the disease.
2) Accurate diagnosis of the condition.
3) Least intake of the medicines for the control of the disease.
4) Your diet intake and,
5) Long term effects of the present condition.

Ideally it should be controlled with the minimal intake of the medicines.
Feel free to discuss further.
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I've had RA for 15 years...let me know if you have any questions after your apt.

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