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Burning Pain in upper back

Ok, lets see, I have been developing a large bulge on my upper back to the left side of my spine between my shoulder blade (a little above, closer to neck the shoulder) I call it my buffalo hump, lol but lately I have been getting a  greta deal of neck pain, headaches. Before the hump never bothered me but over the past few months is  has been giving me a burning sensation, feels very warm inside and sometime like a hot poker, i have had doctors look at and say its just a fatty deposit build up, its not soft to the touch or anything, I have been getting MBB and RFA to my neck C2 thru C7 seams to reduce the pain for a bit then comes right back, any clues? HELP!
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Dear Arcaracer,
Fatty deposits are termed as "Lipoma". But they are very soft to touch.
However if, according to you, if it's not very soft , then we can call them as "Fibroma or Lipo-fibroma".
However the neck pain is due to separate reason.
Hence would suggest you to continue with the MBB and RFA of the neck as well as do cervical spine muscle strengthening physiotherapy so as to build up the muscles.Minimum 6 weeks is required.
As far as the lipoma is concerned, don't think much about it.
However if its bothering you too much, then can get a MRI done.
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me too, only to the right. a recent ct scan of my spine showed an 8th rib fracture. not acute but it feels bad now.  sounds like you need an xray or ct.
good luck and feel better soon

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