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Cyclic Citrullinated Pep IgG

Tested positive 108 (>60 strong positive) for CCP IgG.  Understanding it correlates to the likelihood of developing RA, can it be positive in other diseases/disease free?

My GP suspects an autoimmune process.  Specialists seen over the years: neuro, rheumy, infectious disease, dermatology, allergy, ophthalmology, and cleared of malingering from neuro-psychiatrist.

History of; CFS, Narcolepsy, FM, Rosacea, RAD, DFSP.    

LABS: ANA positive off and on (1:160 mixed pattern speckled, homogenous), RF barely positive only once (21).  (Other autoimmune lab work is normal). Platelets high off and on, range 343-575, MCH runs a little low (25.9-26.6), % basophils slightly high (1.1-1.9), 8 am cortisol is 3.6 (8.7-22.4 ug/dL).  

MRI, 2 spots on brain, 2nd one was clear, (2nd machine stronger).  Kidneys; GFR down to 53, spill protein in 24 hour urine, then all back to normal.  

Major complaints:
1. Mornings are the most difficult; swelling, pain and stiffness.  Gets better after up awhile, but comes back if I am in a given position for too long.  
2. Extreme fatigue, I’ve had fatigue with CFS but this requires extreme effort for any activity.
3. Had lost 50 lbs quickly without trying, kept it off for over a year, but now am gaining and can’t stop.  
4. I have different areas that have increased pain for days-weeks, then it will move to a different area or just go away (i.e.: different fingers on left, right wrist, knees, ankles).
5. Occasional trouble with voice/swallowing.
6. Occasional sore in nostril, red, raised scaling rash along hairline.

I really don’t care if/what I have.  I’m just looking to be able to function.  A burst and taper of cortisone (10 days) gave me one great week.  However, I am scared of steroids too.  

Does the positive test correlate?  Is Palindromic Rheumatism a consideration? Comments are appreciated.  
Thank you, Karen
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Dear Karan,
Well the positive result confirms your diagnosis.But the treatment is possible.
All autoimmune diseases (including RA) have a peculiar pattern of behaviour.They generally stay calm and suddenly express themselves in spike pattern.It's during this stage that tha person experiences swelling/stiffness/pain in his joints.Beside the joints, other organs (like skin/eye/brain/etc) can be affected.So tha aim if the treatment is to keep the disease under controll.A good rheumatologist's medicines can really make your life pain free.Steroids are very good in controllong the exacerbation phase of the disease, but i agree, these are few side effects.But it really maintains the quality of life.
So get a doctor, whose medicines and dose pattern really suits you.
And eat healthy food.....Stay happy.
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