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Is there cure for Rheumatoid?

Hello, I am asking for my mum,she is over 50 and have sever pains all over her body, She went for blood test and Rheumatoid factor result was 7.9 IU/ml . The doctor didnt say she has rheumatoid and didn't give her any special medication for it, just pain killers and tablets for the joints flexibility.  

What I want to ask is does this result consider high? and are there any medication like cortizon( of course under the doctors guidness)
Thank you.
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for this post.
The value of RF is within control.
But 30% of the population has low RF , but still suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis.
We call this as "Sero-Negative RA".
In these cases, treatment is only prescribed, if -
1) Early morning stiffness,
2) Multiple joint involvement,
3) Migratory joint involvement,
4) Multiple joint swelling.
If any of these 2 conditions with more than 3 months history is present, then RA is diagnosed.

Treatment is purely as per the doctor's advice and the response pattern.
I hope your query is cleared.
Please feel free to discuss more.
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