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Need treatment advise

Female 39 yrs having following results
RA  --  03 IU/ML
ESR  -- 20/hr
having joint pain. moving pain daily to various joints.
sometimes joints got swelled
kindly advise next course of treatment.
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Dear Friend,
In this case, if you are having -
1) Early morning joint pain and stiffness,
2) Persistent swelling in the joint.
3) Multiple joint pain.
4) Small joints involvement.
Then you are suffering from Sero neative Rheumatoid arthritis.
Else it's just a reactive arthritis.

As a treatment, you need to continue with broad pain killers like paracetamol and once pain/swelling is reduced you need to have a physiotherapy for the affected joints in order to avoid joint stiffness.

A good Orthopaedian's appointment would be advisable for you as he can correctly prescribe you the drug dosage as well as guide you to a good physiotherapist.
Feel free to discuss more.
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Can you briefly explain "reactive arthritis"?
Could a person who never had arthritis have a horrible injury, (such as falling down twenty something cement stairs), months later go into a reactive arthritis?
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