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OA or RA (or something else)?

I'm a 47 yr old female with wide-spread pain and arthritic symptoms for years.  I have had a low positive ANA twice, never have a positive RF or high sed rate.  Last year I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the neck, spine, and back, but my physician just glossed over the fact that what hurt even worse than those was my sacroiliac joint, almost debilitating me for several months.  That seems to be coming back, making sleep uncomfortable, and causing a limp.  However, I am now concerned that it may be RA instead, or in addition to, OA, because I have developed ganglion cysts on BOTH wrists, and developed boney lumps on top of each hand, which is more indicative of RA.  Any ideas?  Thanks to all!
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Dear Friend,
Well sound like more of RA. In general, RA is characterised by
1) early morning stiffness.
2) multiple joint pain/stiffness.
3) small joint nodules/cysts.
4) migratory poly arthritia.
5) lab investigations suggestive of inflamations.
So i would label the present condition as inflamatory arthritis and RA would fall in this condition.
I hope you got my point. It will be nice to take a second opinion from rheumatologist.
Please feel free to write me,for further opinions.
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