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I was diagnosed with RA at the age of 27.  I have since been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a complex Migraine disorder.  At the onset of my RA I had chronic uveitis.

A week ago, I had a couple of spots on my arm (red, almost bug bit looking).  On my journey to the dermatologist to have stitches removed (totally unrelated to the rash, I think), I noticed my left eye swelling.  The derm checked it out and said it looked like bug bites.  The following morning, I had more spots, but I was mostly alarmed at the increased swelling of both the upper and lower eyelid of my left eye, as well as some internal eye reddening.  I went to my rheumatologist, who was slightly concerned.  He said he suspected contact dermatitis, but that it could be an infection I couldn't fight (humira) or a sign of another connective tissue disorder.  He put me on a doe pack of prednisone.  All labwork came back negative.  Unfortunately, the eye got worse, and the rash has spread.  Went back to the dermatologist who was convinced we were dealing with contact dermatitis.  He prescribed a cream for my eye and one for the rashes on my arms.  Fine... the eye started to clear before I even got the meds.  BUT... the rash has continued to come out all over my body.  It is now on my ears, both arms, both hips, and both legs. It is more pronounced on the right side, but it present on both sides.

I am at a loss.  If I were 'normal', I think I would give the cream a few more days to work, but now I am debating going back to the derm tomorrow, as the rash just hasn't done what was predicted.

Does anyone have experience with rashes and RA?   Any advice?  How do I know if the rash is connected to the other systematic illnesses?  If it's not, I feel silly going back, but I hate the psychological impact RA etc has had on me with regards to my health, and I have a need to know if these symptoms are related or not at all.
Sorry for the babble.  I am more concerned than I realized.
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Dear Sarahfresh,
RA is an auto-immune disease and it mainly manifests in the joints.However other organs like liver,eye,skin,etc can also get affected.And being auto-immune and on some sort of treatment decreases the immunity chances.
You may have had contact dermatitis or RA manifestation over the skin.Can't be specific.Actually no one can be specific.
So please go back to the same doctor.
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