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Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have some questions:
I was seeing an orthopedic doctor for shoulder impingement in Feb during which time I developed neck & back pain. Doc ordered MRI that revealed C5-6 posterior disk herniation indenting the ventral aspect of the thecal sac worse on right side. That said I made an appointment to see pysiatrist who performed an number of test. Which were:
Sed Rate result 48 (high)
Protein result 7.6 (normal)
Aldolase result 5.8 (normal)
ANA  result negative
CRP result 7.4 result (high)
HLA-B27 result negative
RA Factor result negative
TSH result 2.390  (normal)
Bone Scan- increased uptake of tracer in shoulders bilaterally as well as cervical and thoracic spine suggestive of degenerative/arthritic change (doctor said this is normal for someone who lifts weights)
Electrodiagnostic testing of musculature was normal.
Pysiatrist concluded pain was the result of herniated disk and not autoimmune, RA or other type of disease.Underwent Epidural didn't last three days, facet injections didn't work, prednisone gave temporary relief.Went to a neurosurgeon since I was pushing for surgery. He spent two minutes with me, couldn't get him to read review my medical records or lab test results. Told me that my inflammation was from some sort of infection or RA or other autoimmune disease and not from herniated disk. Said I was not a surgical candidate and that I should see a Rheumatologist.I have no joint pain, fingers, toes, knee's, elbows. I have pain tightness in muscles in the back & neck but not in the spine/vertebre. No temperature or swelling, lymph nodes fine,
I am really confused and concerned about contradicting medical diagnosis, can I get some feed back about info provided?
Many thanks,
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Dear StoneCold,
There is no other test except CCP test, which is more than 90% sensitive for RA positive patient. Tests like ESR and CRP proves the presence of an inflammatory condition inside the body. The inflammation can be due to other conditions (except RA) like viral fever, reactive arthritis, etc.
Hence you can get a CCP done, to know the facts better.
However getting  a rheumatologist opinion in not a b ad idea at all. Hence don't hesitate, to book the same. There are very few doctors, who can diagnose the RA condition, when other symptoms like early morning stiffness, small joint pains, etc are  not good enough (similar to yours)
Feel free to discuss more.
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