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Rheumatoid arthritis

I saw a 56 year old man about a month ago in clinicals that presented with a recent hx of a viral URI but he also had been having severe joint pain for about 2 weeks in his knees and ankles more so on awakening in the morning.  On exam his only abnormalities were musculoskeletal in that he was hypersensitive to touch with palpation of all of his joints, had some L medial knee swelling, good pedal pulses, no redness anywhere, and a guarded and slow gait.  He was prescribed Relafen 750mg BID and referred to ortho. His CRP and ESR were both over 100 and he had mild leukocytosis with a mild L shift.  He had some mild degenerative changes on his x-rays and some mild joint fluid noted to his R knee. The orthopedist did some cortisone injections in his knees and he was started on po steroids. AFter 4 weeks he was ambulatory and pain free. Does this sound like RA to you?
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Dear Friend,
It appears to be a sort of reactive arthritis. post viral.
Sometimes viral infections may lead to arthritis, due to the cross reactivity between the viral agents and the various body's immune system.
This was the main cause of the joint pain / arthritis.
I don't see any other reason for the same.

I hope your query was answered.
Feel free to discuss further.
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