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Undiagnosed joint pain and exhaustion

For the past 6 months I've been suffering from joint pain (burning/itching/aching) in the small joints of my fingers and my knees (both sides of my body).  Recently the aching has spread to my elbows at times.  I also have been having major difficulty sleeping at night and afternoon severe exhaustion setting in around 2pm.  I am a 32 year old white male, 140 pounds, 6 feet tall.

My doctor has run blood work for RA Factor, SED Rate, ANA and Vitamin D.  Vitamin showed deficient at 30 and after 4 months of treatment my level 2 weeks ago was up to 70 so I was taken off the vitamin D.  While on the Vitamin D, I felt MUCH BETTER - almost 100% normal.  Now after just 2 weeks though, I'm back to severe fatigue, joint pain and now some tingling in my chin and fingers.

Could this actually be RA?  With some internet research it seems to point to this again and again although 80% of people with RA have a positive RA factor.  If not, could you please suggest some other possibilities?  This is starting to negatively affect my work and relationship with my wife and kids.  I have tried taking sleep aids and while they do help me sleep soundly, I am still fatigued the next day and do not feel refreshed.  
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Dear Friend,
The 80% value, which you quoted was correct. So this shows that there are around 20% of the population where all these reports are negative. We call them as "Sero-Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis".
The main signs of RA are (please note them and co-relate it with your condition, as if more than 2 matched, then you are having RA) -
1) Early morning joint stiffness.
2) Joint pain more than 6 weeks duration
3) Multiple joints involved.
4) Migratory Poly arthritis.
5) Pain associated with swelling.

So i guess you are falling in this category.
RA is basically an autoimmune disease where the cause of joint pain is termed as "Idiopathic(unknown)".

Another possibility is "Weakness of Bones" You have already told that Vit-D levels were low in you body which have reached near normal value now. But it takes a lot of time for the bones to utilize that high VitD and Calcuim to transform it into new BONE. So get a "DEXA SCAN" done of the spine, hips and wrist and it will show the real strength of your bones.

Any other condition, i am not able to think of. So we will wait for the Dexa scan result and then proceed.
Keep me posted.
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Forgot to add, all blood work was negative for RA, Sed Rate, and ANA.
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