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Unexplainable pain

My wife has RA diagnosed in 2002, just began to use Enbrel two weeks ago. Yesterday she began to have severe pain in both legs from the lower back down to her feet. Joints, muscles and all. This is NOT pain similar to RA, it is more intense than labor for her. She also becomes extremely cold when she gets these "attacks", dizzy, and vomits. We have been to several DR.'s including her Rhumie and the ER. The attacks can be continuous hours or last only minutes. She is on Vicodin and the pain is still extremely severe. No one can explain what is going on, the only thing they found was that her white blood count was 20,000 which is double her normal count and she has a bad cold. PLEASE HELP!
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Dear Shawn,
I would suggest you to meet a Good orthopaedician/Rheumatologist on urgent basis, as this looks little serious.
A White blood count of 20,000 is really bad.We need to investigate with ESR/CRP and other stuffs, to rule out any other form of infection inside the body.
Please consult the above mentioned doctor as soon as possible.
Please discuss, if you need any form of clarifications..
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