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What could be wrong?

Dear Doctor,

I am a young woman of 27 years. Lately i've been feeling not well. Feeling weak, with low back pain and knee pains, fever of 37,4 grade celcius, lower abdominal pains and frequent and painful urination. I went at the gyn, the visit was ok, the ultrasound ok but she prescribed me polygynax for the vaginal discharges ( i've had recurrent bacterial vaginosis since i got sexually active). Now the medicine did not help and i continue to have very bad back pains that i hardly stand and knee pains. The urine analysis showed 6 leukocytes and a lot of crystals and epiteles. Does this mean that i have a UTI? I have never had any before getting sexually active ( always 0-1 leukocytes). Also the white blood cells are increased, there are 8 000. I guess these are sings of an infection. Does 8 000 mean leukemya? Mid number is very high 1.4 and Mid percentage  is 17,6%. Both very high. What is their meaning? What is going wrong? When it comes to red blood cells there are 4.1 M/uL, but MCV is high as well, 97,7%. Please can you give me any advice of what could be wrong with me, or what other tests should i do if any and what doctor to contact ( a urologist)? my ERS was 14mm/hour. Is this a high value? Could it be related in some form with my knee and feet pains?

Thank you very much for your help and advice.

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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for the post.
Please find the answers -
1) 37.4 degree Celsius is just fine. Norma body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. So you are almost normal, except little higher side.
But there can be a subjective variation also.
2) Your urinary analysis is of little concern and can be due to pelvic inflammatory disease or mild urinary infection / vaginal infection.
3) 8000 count of White blood cells is normal. Upto 11,000 is normal.
4) RBC count is perfect and so is MCV.
5) ESR upto 20 mm/hr is normal.

So i can co-relate all the things to the mild vaginal discharge.
In case of multiple sexual partners, you really need to be careful.
In case of single partner, you need him also to follow the hygiene.
Drink adequate amount of water.

Feel free to discuss, if you have other doubts.
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