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please give me some idea what i may have

i am 28 yo male 5'10" 180 lbs. I had ear infection 14 months ago which was treated with ciprodex. since that time i have had episodes of , numbness/tingling/burning/muscle pain/joint pain in both my legs and right arm, burning thyroid problem, rapid heart rate, eyelid twitching, body wide twitching, gastrointestinal problems, dry eyes, dry nostrils, dry mouth,  and fatigue
i am CRP/ESR/CBC normal with a normal brain MRI and negative ANA, RF and HIV
The neurologist that saw me thinks I might have sjogren's or lupus (my father has discoid lupus). Since all of this started after the ear infection that I mentioned, can it be 1)Sjogren's/lupus trigered by ear infection 2)adverse reaction to ciprodex since i might have overdosed 3) rheumatic fever since my ear infection was lingering for a couple of months until it was fully cured? which one is more likely?
I am dying. I am thinking about getting something to take and die. I live in Canada and here it takes months until you see a specialist. I have an appointment with a rhematologist in a couple of months. I just cant take it anymore. it has been going on for 14 months up and down, up and down. please help me.
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Dear Friend,
Am sorry for the late reply.
DO let me know your present condition, so that i can reply you accordingly.
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"burning thyroid problem" is a typo. i meant to say hyperthyroidism (I was diagnosed with it a few months after all this started)
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saeed123 - PLEASE hang in there...don't speak of taking something to end it...your life IS worth living and there ARE answers out there for you!  You just have to hang in there long enough to find the right doctor who will give them to you and give you the right medications.  Having married a Canandian (we live in the US) i know all too well how long it can take for Canadians to see a specialist...it took my MIL 2 months to get in to see a specialist for ALS...but she did finally get to see one.  While you wait to see the rheumatologist, DEMAND from your family doctor that he/she prescribe something, anything for your pain.  You must not give up!!  If it takes going to emergency and telling them of your pain and history then do that....but please don't give up...I know what the pain and burning that RA has caused me and i too have felt like giving up but you CAN NOT give up....it took me 5 months before i found the right doctor and got on the right medications...i just started taking them and was told they would take 3-6 months to "kick in" and i dread daily that wait - all i want is relief but i will have to wait for that i guess...i'm hopeful that i will eventually get some relief from my pain, swelling and stiffness b/c my two little babies and husband rely on me and need me to be Mom, caregiver, wife and playmate.  Please don't give up - - you will find the right doctor and the right medications....just hang in there!

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