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shoulder blade pain

I am back to therapy for shoulder blade pain. I was in car accident in Aug. 2008. Went to therapy for this pain it improved. Then I was diagnosed in Sept of 2009 with rheumatoid arthiritis. I have only one kidney so told doctor would like to go back for therapy since I don't like to take alot of pain meds. Have had 6 more sessions with physical therapist and still having pain. Will see my regular doc soon. Any advice. Could this be part of my RA now or still from accident. MRI's did not show any serious tears or problems in Aug of 2008. Thanks sagil
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Dear Sagil,
Well i won't be able to tell whether its RA or not. RA is characterized by
1) Multiple joint pains.
2) Migratory Joint pain.
3) Joint stiffness.
4) Early morning joint pain  / Stiffness.
5) In blood results - ESR / ASO titre/ CCP levels will be high.

So any 2 criteria will roughly show that you have RA.
If the pain is not decreasing, then you need to go for a second opinion. That's the best i can advice in present situation as i have not examined you physically.
Feel free to discuss more.
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