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sore knees


for the past 6 months or so, I have had stiff knees when walking up and down stairs,but not with much pain, also when i bend my knee to get in to bed they are very stiff. If i have bent down to pick something up i find it hard to push myself up with my knees, i have to grab on to something and pull my self up, i have also noticed that i have swelling around the knee area too. I am a 27 year old female, over weight, i have been diagnosed with slight osteoporosis in my hands, but the doctors are still doing test on my hands as I have stiff fingers in the outer part (ulnar nerve side) and constant pain in the fingers.

Please could you help me in to what this could be, could it be osteoporosis in the knees?

thanks in advance
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Dear Pembles,
I hope your treating doctors have ruled out the existence of RA ie Rheumatoid arthritis.
Since you are 27 years only, so except RA, no other cause should cause arthritis in your joints except for being overweight.
I would still keep RA as the main factor as youare having some finger stiffness also.
Once the reports are finalized and diagnosis is established, then only we can arrive at a treatment plan.I hope you are consulting an orthopaedician/rheumatologist for the same.
Please discuss more with reports
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