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I am a 41 year old female that has a history of Hodgking Lymphoma (dx 12/06, finished chemo (abvd) in 07/07). I was dx with RA last September. I have been on Plaquenil- didn't tolerate it, constant nausea/vomitting, Arava (presently on) with Prednisone (stopped 12/09), tried Methotrexate injections (took 3, had constant vomitting with weight loss). I am in constant pain and need to find other treatment options. I have had an allergic reaction to PPD (I am a RN and have been exposed to TB during my career) so I am unable to have a PPD which rules out several meds and others are worrysome due to the risk of Lymphoma. I am trying to continue to work full time as an office RN for a home health company. I am not sleeping well and really need help. My Rheumatologist doesnt seem to know how to treat me now that I have tried 3 meds without much success. I really need some help. I have insurance and would even travel out of state (FL) to see another Rheumatologist for a second opinion. Please help!
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Dear Friend,
I can understand the problem you are facing.
Since you are having an insurance cover, you can go to any top hospital of your state or country.
I will not be able to name them as i am from India and hence have got less idea about your country.
I will, also, not be able to advice/prescribe you drugs online as i have not examined you personally. Also you are having few side effects of the already prescribed drugs. So treating this is little difficult.
You just need a good and understanding doctor, who can do a proper dose titration, to bail you out of this problem.
If you were in india , i could had referred you easily.
However feel free to discuss me, even if you have a slightest doubt.
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