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Considering rhinoplasty but is this possible?

Hello, I think I'm a rhinophyma sufferer because my cheeks and nose is red and my nose tip seems swollen.. I do consider rhinoplasty or rather tipoplasty or both while paying for it. But I have too much skin and its thick.. I'm able to make my nosetip flat by pushing it and thats how bad it is.. I have a deviated septum also which the insurance will cover..  My nostrils are very small but I do not know about what the insurance will pay.. Alltough a revision at the moment will be hard because I have to get my parents to agree for me to do this so I'm asking you if it is possible to reduce my big nose tip and remove the excessive nose skin?

I know the topic is rhinoplasty but is it possible to treat my (RED) swollen nose too? Do I have to treat the swelling before the rhinoplasty?

I live in Sweden but the doctors seems soo after and expensive here so I did consider flying to my homeland Turkey where I can get a rhinoplasty for less than 2500 USD INCLUDING flight tickets and hotel.. The doctors also seems nice and well edicuated.

Is there any hope at all? If I get the insurance to pay for the deviated septum and also consider a rhinoplasty for comsetic reasons and they agree to do this at the same time will I get a discount? I ask this because many fees is already paid for like anesthesia. I have no cartilage in the tip of my nose around 1 cm thick skin covers the cartilage that I have.. Sorry for writing soo confusing but I'm confused hope you understand... Thanks for reading and I expect some great answers and support..
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