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Rhinoplasty, Concerns for Singers.

Hello, I am considering getting rhinoplasty. I'm 18 years old, and I plan to pursue a career as a singer, and I will be off to a vocal conservatory in the fall of this year. I may have broken my nose when I was younger and I also have a severely deviated septum. My nose has a bump on the bridge, not huge, but noticable. It is also crooked, its pointed a little more to the left. Also, the tip is pretty bulbous and fleshy. So basically I want it straightened, the bumped removed, and the tip shaped smaller.

I have trouble sleeping, and I am a singer. I can't breathe through my nose right, so I sleep with my mouth open which dries out my vocal cords, which can irritate my voice. I also have terrible allergies.

So my questions is would rhinoplasty surgery to fix these thing adversely affect my singing voice? In addition, are there steps I can take to prevent any negative effects?

Any info, answering this would be great, especially from singers who have had a similar operation!
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