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inverted v and nose assymetry after 2nd rhinoplasty

Hello Dr. Nassif,

I had a "touch up" rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago, it turns out that when my Dr. did the first rhinoplasty he didn't reduce the hump on my nose enough and so he said he would do a "touch up".  well he did a closed procedure and  he did most if not all the insicions on the inside of the right nostril.  My nose is now assymetrical, i know this would be normal swelling wise but my right nostril/side of the nose is significantly higher (pulled up) that the left, it looks like to different noses. you can also see a dark line on the top of my nose where the tip begins it looks like an inverted v, and then to top it off the right side has a big lump and makes the tip of my nose look crooked. My doctor said that it's swelling and that it should go away but that it also depends on the person, he said he cant say for sure that it WILL go away and when i asked him about the right nostril being pulled up he told me to massage it in a downward motion even if it hurt. if i can see the inverted v on my nose  at 4 weeks does this mean it will stay there permantly?  i am really scared of having messed up my nose permantly, i definitely would not want him to do surrgery on me ever again. Does this have any solution? if i go through another procedure am i risking having my nose collapse? please help i'm very worried, right now i'm very self conscious, my self beesteem has gone way down and i basically want to cry every time i see my self in a mirror!!

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Dear Veronica619,

Since it is very early following your second rhinoplasty, I recommend you ask that doctor the exact questions.  The reason why I don’t like to comment on immediate post-surgical issues is because my knowledge of what the physician actually performed is very limited.  The best person to give you answers would be the actual surgeon who did the procedure.  

I do agree with the doctor that there is a lot of swelling usually; especially since it has only been four weeks.  At this point, I recommend that you have patience since it is so early in the healing phase.  

Try not to become self conscious and hurt your self esteem.  Rhinoplasties take a long time to heal especially after revisions, and you just need to be patient.  The extra and added stress you are putting on yourself will only make your healing go a little slower.  Don’t worry you will be fine.  

However, if there is a problem with your nose following this last rhinoplasty and you need reconstruction, there is absolutely no reason why an excellent revision rhinoplasty specialist can’t improve things.  
If the nose continues to heal in a way that is unsatisfactory, you are more than welcome to send us your photos for review so I can give you my opinion or if you live in Los Angeles, you can even come by for a second opinion.  I would advise that you schedule something at the end of three months, if it is even needed.  

I hope this helps and good luck.

Dr. Nassif
Paul Nassif, M.D.
Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology
Beverly Hills, California

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