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nose reshaping

hi, a year ago i had injured my nose and my nose looks a little crooked and has a scar on it. I like to know how much you think it would cost to reshape my nose and to remove the scar on it.
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Dear Mltp:

It is difficult to comment on this without seeing photos and possibly seeing you in person for a consult.  If you would like, please send me some photos by email so I can evaluate them.  Be sure that you send a frontal, a lateral and ¾ view as well a base view looking up the nose.  The photos can be emailed to ***@****

You can also contact Jade in my office regarding approximate costs or a consultation, she can be reached at (310) 275-2467.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Nassif

Paul Nassif, M.D.
Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology
Beverly Hills, California
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