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over-narrowed nostrils

Dear Dr. Nassif,
I came across this query of someone's back in 2008 below when searching on how to widen my overnarrowed nostrils. The only difference was that I simply did not know my nostrils would be narrowed before the surgery. I am 4months post closed rhinoplasty. My nostrils have no flaring at all. I feel very limited when breathing in.

"I had an alar base reduction at my doctors recommendation when I went in to have my bump removed to keep the nose balanced.  However I am not happy with the smaller size of my nostrils.  Is there any kind of revision surgery available to bring back the nostrils to their original size?  I read that cartilage from the ear can be used to enlarge a narrow nostril.  Is this true?"

Can you please advice/suggest?
Thank you for your time and considerations
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Hi Mark,

Thank you for the question. It is very difficult to reverse an alar base reduction surgery and widen the nostrils. Ear cartilage may be used to widen the nostrils, but it would really be necessary to examine you in person to determine what your best option would be.  With this type of revision, it is important to be sure your physician has a great deal of experience performing this type of surgery, due to the nature of its difficulty. Thank you, and I hope this helps.

Dr. Nassif
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