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saddle nose deformity

Can you repair a saddle nose deformity in a patient with subacute relapsing polychondritis?  i.e. disease not in complete remission with history of multiple treatment failures
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Dear rppt,

In regards to your subacute relapsing polychondritis, I don’t know if an autologous grafting such as cartilage placed on the saddle nose deformity region would help.  There is a chance that that would also fail, especially if you have had many rhinoplasties for this.  

One of the other issues would be a gortex graft, however with that history, the rejection rate might be extremely high.  We would have to discuss this with your physician to get clearance and to figure out what is the best way to take care of your polychondritis in regards to your saddle nose deformity.  

I am sorry that I can’t give you a complete answer now.  It is just that this is a rare medical condition and I don’t have much experience with it.  

I hope this helps and thank you very much.

Dr. Nassif

Paul Nassif, M.D.
Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology
Beverly Hills, California
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