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sahm problems. husband driving me crazy.

I'm a stay at home mom with a 3yr old and one on the way. I'm really confused.  My husband is in the army so he works 5 days a week and very long days. Before this he had a job he worked in a factory place 10 an hr  we had a little apartment and I was a hostes but only on the weekends 12 hrs a week. The job was offered to me. I took it had it for almost 2 years but when my husband joind the army er moved and I quit. I'm only 20 that was my first job. Me and my husband have been together for 5yrs. Anyways the last few months hes sorta been making me feel like a child.. he sold our car and got a stick which I can't drive . (He's tried each me but he gets so mad and I cry and I just can't get the hang of it) so he has to take days off to take me to dr appointments and he always has to go grocery shopping with me on the weekends which all men hate. Also they let him take me to my appointments it dosent mess with his pay ot anything. But i know its stressful. I keep the house spotless (nothing better to do. Cant go anywhere) but when he's in a bad mood I still get asked what have you done all day?. My backs not aloud to hurt (8months pregnant) but I don't work all day so can't complain. I don't know what he wants me to do! I don't even feel like I can be sitting down when he gets home cuz he's gonna think that's what I've been doing all day (experiance). I pay all the bills. I did all our christmas shopping online for our daughter and did all thr shopping online for new baby because we had nothing. That's expensive!  I put it on our non inttace credit card along with his 400+ speeding ticket 2 trips to the grocery store. Credit card is at 1300 dollars with all that. I checked with him on eveything before I bought it but he said he didn't want to know how much it was up to. That's my job. But now I'm a nervous wreck because I mentiond the last statement to him and he thought that was bad and it was a lot less. Like 6 hundred and he was mad. He doesn't even know that it was only like half. He thought that was total! Counting everything (unrealistic much) He was so mad I couldn't correct him. Now I feel so sick I'm so worried about when he checks our bill on the computer.  HE KNEW EVETHING I BOUGHT BEFORE I BOUGHT IT. but he just forgets how expensive kids are and he kept coming up with things to get our daughter for Christmas.  I want another job but coast of day care? No car I can drive and my parents never put me in school so I don't have a diploma.  I'm gonna go for my ged but I have to take grade school again so its gonna be awhile. (Can't take the test without transcrips) I just need my independence back. I want to be able to leave if it gets to much. And to provide for my kids and not rely on  his money. He really makes me feel like Im a burden we even got in a little disagreement at ihop yesterday and he said okay well have fun paying for this bill with your money.. oh wait. Ugh sorry no question just needed to vent badly. Ps he has never gotten violent not have I. Thats one thing we don't do is put our hands on eachother when were angry. Just a lot of silent treatments and attitudes.
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