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Food allergies and Asthma

Do you have asthma and or eczema along with your food allergies?
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My teenage daughter has asthma that flares with illness and/or food allergic reactions.  It's well controlled on medications which have included in the past yrs of treatment on Singular, along with inhaled and/or oral steroids/long acting inhaler and rescue albuterol inhaler as needed.  Benadryl is oftentimes needed (in high end dosing) for many days at a time after a food reaction occurs.

She's anaphylactic to Nuts, Plums & Latex (including some latex cross reactive foods such as Class IV to Hazelnuts)

dd carries epi-pen for severe allergy to:   Nuts, Plums, Latex
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I have the same type of situation with my son.  He has RAD Reactive Airway Disease which is Asthma when an allergen is present.  So, it is not officially called Asthma, but we have all the same items at home that an Asthma patient would require.  Mostly on an "as needed" basis.  And yes, after exposure, we can be on our nebulizer for days!

Worst part of this is he goes from zero to sixty (accelerates fast) with his RAD.  His attacks have been pretty bad when he gets them.  We carry ORAPRED in a tablet now.

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During our last ER visit for allergic reaction (severe stridor), the doc wasn't thrilled we gave Orapred along with the Benadryl .. he said in her case iI should have used the Epi Pen and called 911 ... but he tolerated that I gave the Orapred with high end Benadryl dosing and then, of course, had to tell me I gave too little Orapred (with a stern look on his face), so they administered more in the hospital ... ok ok .... the bottle was over a year old & the dose was too little  .... better less than too much!    I did, call Walgreens and ask if the Orapred was ok with an Epi Pen in case I had to inject and the said "yes" it's fine!  In the mix, too, was an albuterol inhaler that did zero.


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