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Healthwatch Article: Peanut Allergy Treatment

Here's a link to a great video / article about Peanut Allergy Treatment which was released 2/20/09 and reported by Dr. Max Gomez - Be sure to click on the video to see the video feature.  Below is a synopsis of the video in written form.


HealthWatch: Peanut Allergy Treatment Reporting
Dr. Max Gomez NEW YORK (CBS) ―  

Peanut allergies affect millions of Americans, and they can turn deadly.

But now, researchers say they may have found a cure.

A few years ago, just a handful of peanuts could have killed Carl Morris.

"I would not have gone near a peanut – I could hardly [stand to] smell them," Morris says. "But now, I'm eating them. It's amazing."

In fact, peanuts are now a vital part of his diet. For the past year, Carl has been part of a study at Addenbrooke's Hospital in England designed to beat peanut allergies.

Researchers began by giving 12 volunteers tiny amounts of peanut flour. As they built up a resistance, the amount was increased until they could eat several nuts without a reaction.

Now, Morris must eat peanuts every day to keep up his resistance.

Jonny Betts also took part in the study. His mother remembers what it was like to watch her son have an allergic reaction.

"Just seeing you child lying there, it being difficult to breathe – one minute he's speaking, one minute he's not – you can't get more scary," Gill Betts says.

Millions of people around the world suffer from peanut allergies. Just one nut can cause anaphylactic shock – a swelling in the throat that can make it impossible to breathe – in severe allergy sufferers, sometimes proving deadly.

Researchers hope their study will one day help other allergy sufferers, and while the technique sounds simple, doctors caution that it should not be tried without medical supervision.

"There are certain unanswered questions at the moment that we need to address," research leader Dr. Andy Clark says. "For example, how long [do you] carry on the therapy for?"

But for Jonny and allergy sufferers like him, the results of this study could help not only transform their diets, but their entire lives.

"It's very, very life changing with no more risk anymore," Jonny Betts says.

While the results are promising, it can't be emphasized enough that you should never try this on your own.

The study subjects ingested the peanut flour under careful medical supervision so that, if they should suffer a severe allergic reaction, doctors could immediately administer adrenaline to counteract it – or even to do a tracheotomy.


Am going to also reference this in our health pages since it's such a great resource article to share with all our members!

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