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New Epi Pen -vs- Older Model

Recently, I have heard a few parents tell me how they have tried to use the new epi-pen during a reaction and they stated the new one, had malfunctioned during use.  Since it was the second time I heard this, I decided to do my own test with one of the new epi-pens.  Since I have had to use the old one already, I am used to this one and thought it best to test the new one in comparison.  I took the Avi-q and inserted it into an apple...I found that the injection countdown was helpful and when it was done, the needle automaticly went back into the shaft and I was not able to veiw the needle.  I then had to search for the tiny little pinhole it created and I could not see any liquid.  So, I am not sure how long the needle is (looks much smaller then the old one and half the thickness as I had to look into the shaft to see it).  I would love to hear from anyone who has used this epi pen successfully or has any insight into the differences.  I want to feel safe when my son carries his pen.

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