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A drunken encounter possible fatal mistake HELP!!

I'll break it down nice and short for you. Just got over chlamydia, girlfriend cheated on me, two weeks later I decide to go out with my buddy. This story take place in Germany for geographical purposes. We go to the bars and have a few to many. We then proceed to the club and I become so intoxicated that my inhibitions aren't squared away. My friend and I bring two questionable girls home fairly easy and we had sex with them. As if it was meant to happen both of our condoms broke due to improper use mainly because of the stupidity alcohol gave us. I realize my condom broke before finishing and pulled out; however there was a good amount of time unaccounted for without protection. The girl seemed very calm as I was freaking out, I'm not a very promiscuous guy, she then proceeded to tell me she only performs oral and vaginal sex with condoms and reassures me that she see the doctor and that she is "healthy". The crazy part is she admitted to being an escort. Though it is legal in Germany and regulated to my knowledge, should I be at all worried for the possibility of HIV and or STIs. I worry myself to sleep and it's really wearing on me.

Any professional advice and input would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time

Side note my doctor prescribed me 250mg of levaquin for ten days is this effective against the STIs pertaining to or is the dosage too low?

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Thanks for the post.

There is a theoretical risk that you have been exposed to HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea with perhaps herpes also. I say theoretical because as you say, she says that all is well and we don't know that she has any of the diseases mentioned.

We do know that for at least part of the time you were having unprotected sex with a sex worker and your alcohol intake may mean that your recollection of the timings might be incorrect.

I understand why you were given the antibiotic and it might have been partly effective against some of the bacterial diseases mentioned.

I would though suggest that you have a full range of tests including HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and NSU at the most appropriate intervals for the tests available in your locality.

kind regards, Sean
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Sir even with the transmission rate so low for HIV do I have a serious worry on my hands I feel great after the antibiotics.... And it's been about a month now
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