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After using all of these Antibiotics Can I be not treated?

   on 13/March/2013 after did Hair removing laser session “Alexandrite laser” for my genital “Including my testicle, penis..etc ,Few Hours after the session I notice a reddish skin on my testicle "having it until now", Heat on my SCROTUM, pain, swelling, erectile dysfunction, and Lack of Sexual desire.

First Doctors Visit:

•Doctors diagnosis on this stage was Testicular congestion, and Varicocele (based on the ULTRASOUND SCROTUM)
•Medicines: Celebrex and Daflon 500.
•And NO IMRPOVE in this Stage.

•The Second Doctors Visits.
•On 02/April/2013 start using Meloxciam 15 mg for 2 weeks and I felt like I am 100% treated.
•After I quit Meloxicam the swelling and pain return back.

       ### Two Months later Doctors Diagnose me with epididymo-orchitis, because a Sexual Transmitted Infection and he verify my Varicocele , Although I never notice discharge from my urethra, an I have done Urine PCR, Urethral Fluid, Urine and blood test and again all was NEGATIVE.
He gave me this Medicines: two weeks of Arcoxia, Certiaxone IM and Doxycyline followed by 6 weeks of Levofluxaine.
•Few weeks after I finish the Antibiotic course “Levofluxaine” doctor says the infection should be gone now and if there is any more pain I should visit pain management clinic.
•Pain management doctor suggest using Arcoxia for 6 months. ”did not started yet”
### Current Symptoms
•Burning urination “ALWAYS”, and during Ejaculation “SOMETIMES”.
•My testicle is Shrinking.
•Lack of Sexual Desire.
•Heat on my testicle “Can not verify this”
### Questions:
• What I am having now is STD?
•There is many STDs meet same Symptoms but can any of them not to be treat after all of these antibiotics? If yes, can I get better one?
• Since all of my tests were Negative Is there any test can verify if this is an STD or not?
• LAST: I need you help all.
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Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
Your symptoms are certainly consistent with chronic epididymo-orchitis, which can have many causes, including STDs.  However all your tests have been negative and you have been treated with a number of antibiotics, which would have cleared all possible STDs.  Therefore you cannot have any STDs at present.  I can also confirm that the management that you have received is correct and therefore I would advise you to continue with the advice given by your doctors.  I would not recommend any further tests.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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Dear Doctor,

I am really Thankful for your time and your answers it is make me really  feel much better but on the other hand still worry since still I have the same symptoms, but excuse me to ask couple of questions:

first of all: the Sexual activities:  the last unprotected sex I had was an anal sex with lady (not active sexually ) "8 months before I start getting the pain" any other experiences was either protect or many years ago"

1- One of the doctors says: since you had an chronic inflammation because of the Infection you had, it can take up to 8 weeks until these symptoms disappear, and suggest playing some sports to speed up the recovery, my question is: with an chronic inflammation cases how long it will take until the symptoms gone after the Antibiotic course "assuming if it was an Infection".

2- Since doctors here still diagnose this as an STD even though all the lab test I did was NEGATIVE, is it helpful if I ask the lady "I had anal sex" with her before to do an STDs test? is it easier to find the STIs on the ladies than men?
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