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Nail Scratch from Massage


About two days ago I went to a spa and massage center, I was massaged for an hour by a therapist who seemed to have a cold. I think I got scratched by her fingernail on my back and on my buttocks, I'm afraid of what I might have caught from that scratch. I did not notice any bleeding or broken skin whatsoever I think but the area was red for a few hours, it did not hurt as well, but worried just the same in case the nail broke my skin and may have caused a slight or deep scratch. Two days later I caught cold as well and have been sneezing.

Can you please enlighten me as to what the chances are of catching STD and/or HIV from getting a massage through a fingernail scratch? Is there any risk involved in such activities such as getting massages? If so, what are the risks?

Thanks much.
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Thank you for your psot and welcome to our forum.
I can assure you that there was no risk for you at all whatsoever, even if you sustained a scratch.  Getting a massage does not pose any risk of STD, and certainly not HIV, provided no sexual activities take place.  All you have contracted is a cold, nothing else.  No need to be concerned.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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