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Pain in groin and stomach

Good day.

September 8th, I had unprotected oral sex with anus licking, both for a short time, at a massage parlor by a Korean woman.  I did not ejaculate.  Prior to this, I had visited massage parlors for hand relief only.

On September 9th, I noticed a bump, like a pimple without a white head, mid-way on my penis shaft.  Also, there were four or five tiny pimple pricks, very close together on the left of my penis head which cleared up in a day.  There was no pain.

September 10th, I went to the ER for a check up.  The doctor gave me 4 pills and a shot in my left arm.  They took a urine sample.  I was not contacted with the results (only if I had something would they call me).  

In late September, I felt pain in my rectum and the left side of my groin. Where the pimple pricks were, I now have a thinness of skin, slight redness, tenderness and pain to the touch on the head of my penis.

On October 9th, I had a lot of discomfort.  My rectum felt constricted and there was pain in the left side of my groin and lower abdomen.  I went to a urologist and I explained everything.  He gave me a prostrate exam, took a urine sample and a blood sample for STD and HIV.  I have inflammation of my prostrate and, for now, he thinks the redness on my penis is an unrelated to the oral sex and is a fungal infection.

I was prescribed Cipro 500 mg, twice a day and a topical cream, Nystatin and Triamcinolone.

The same day,mostly out of fear, I went to the local STD clinic and received blood and urine work.  I requested and took four pills and a shot in my upper buttocks, similar to what I did on September 10th..    

On October 11th, I took a rapid HIV test and was negative.  

Today, I have less groin pain, no rectal pain, some pain in my testicles, and the left side of my penis head hurts slightly to the touch.  My stomach has a sharp pain.  

What is your evaluation of my situation?  What more could I be doing?  Where do I stand?

Thank you. .

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Thank you for your post.  
I am afraid that it is very difficult to give you advice without examining you.  However I would recommedn that you follow the advice given to you by the doctors that have seen you, includign the Urologist who believes that your problem could be related to prostatitis and thrush.  You ahve received the right treatment.  You ahve also been treated twice for common infections like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, and you have had a negative STD screening after one month.  There was no risk of HIV to you in that sexual encounter.
If your symptoms persist, I would advise you to consult your Urologist once again.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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