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Red spots on Glans Penis

5 Months ago I fell a sleep with a girl and penetrated her briefly (10 s while sleeping), we woke up and stopped immediately.

A few days later I started having tender testicles and a burning sensation. This developed into a feeling of having been kicked in the groin (Having orgasm seemed to ease the pain).
The pain was felt in the entire scrotum, but after a few days it was limited to the left side. When the pain started to fade after about 5 days, the pain was located in the right testicle.
Simutainiously I had pain in my joints (knee, fingers etc.) and I had muscle twitches over my lymph nodes (inguinal and near the arm pits). The symptoms faded simutainiously.

I got tested for STD's about 1½ from the incident and was put on heavy antibiotica due to the fact that I told my doctor she had Chlamydia (I didnt know, but wanted to be sure i was treated). The test came back negative?!
Was retested a month ago, and that was also negative.

A couple of months later my present girlfriend and I started having unprotected sex (She was clean of STD's).

A few weeks ago I started noticing red spots on the penis head, and I started retracting my foreskin during the day (I am Uncircumsized). The skin became more keratinized and the spots disappears after a few days, and reappears after intercourse (reappering in ½ an hour to a couple of hours).
There is no pain or itching.

How long I've had these symptoms, I dont know ? But I noticed them a few weeks ago.

My girlfriend:
When my present girlfriend and I started having sex, she had a white smelly discharge.
Having sex was painful for her. She even bled a little some times.
She had pain during urination a single time, but only that once, and it was properly caused by a small cut she had made.
Now she only has pain after 2-3x sex a day.
Discharge and smell has disappeared.

The spots are freaking my out, please help!!

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Good Morning,

This is one of the simplest posts I've had to answer.

Both you and you're girlfriend need to go and see a doctor/doctors and get your self 1) physically checked and 2) tested for STD's including candida, trichomonas, gardnerella and others.

I can't realistically give you a conclusive answer by Forum I'm afraid.

best wishes, Sean
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This answer did not help me at all, im in the same page as the questionee... i have red spots on my penis, but mines sometime itch...
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Hey Sean,

Thank you for your answer. I was hoping you could give me some sort of idea of what you thought most likely :?

But I respect if thats impossible over the internet :-/

Thank you
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