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Risk Levels, and testing advise

Hi Doc,

On my recent trip to Singapore, I ended up with a Russian escort. It involved receiving unprotected oral sex. Duration of act would have been less than ten minutes. There was no vaginal contact at all. Of course, I did ejaculate in her mouth, and she withdrew immediately after that. I had a thorough wash after that.

Now, it has been two weeks since the episode, I do not see any visible signs of any infection. However, there is slight burning sensation that I feel at sometimes on the penis. And it goes off on its own.  Is it something to be concerned about? Please advise on the risk levels and testing requirements if any in your opinion
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Thank you for your post.
Your symptoms could correlate with a urethral infection, including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea or Non-specific Urethritis.  All these can be contracted through receiving unprotected fellatio, like in your case.  I woudl advise that you get tested for these infections and get the appropriate treatent.  In addition to these STIs, there would have also been a possible risk of syphilis.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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