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Risk of Syphilis ?

Hi Doctor,

I had an experience one week ago in a Belgian brothel with 2 sex workers at the same time.

We wore different condoms for all intercourses.

We had a shower before/after, antiseptic mouth wash before/after and antiseptic spray on my genitals before/after.

There were a few kisses on the lips and a few french kisses.

I received unprotected "surface" (not deep) oral sex briefly before going on with a condom.

I gave "surface" (no insertion of tongue) oral sex to both.

I gave annulingus to one.

The brothel told me the girls were medically checked every month. (tests and gyno exams)

I happened to stumble on a news article about the increasing amount of syphilis cases in Belgium 2 days after that ...

Since then I cannot stop thinking I might have it. To make it worse I currently have a few rashes on my body, which I know would'nt be symptoms at this stage, but increase my paranoia.

What would you say are my real risk for syphilis in my case ?

And about other STDs ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Daniel,

Medhelp undertakes to answer most questions within a 48 hour time frame and most are answered much more quickly than that.

I understand the concern regarding increase in numbers of syphilis cases in Belgium - there are flares of various diseases from time to time. The numbers of syphilis cases in heterosexuals across Western Europe is relatively small - when compared to the gay and bisexual populations where the numbers are high.

It is not possible, in the absence of very typical symptoms such as the appearance of a chancre - to draw any conclusion from symptoms.

The prospect of other less infectious diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea is limited given the limited nature of your sexual contact.

The only reliable way to tell if you do have syphilis is to take a blood test at 4 weeks post event.

kind regards, Sean
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No answer ? .............
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I received an email saying

"1 new response to  your question" and yet nothing ?????????????
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Thanks for the answer. In summary could you give me a rough estimation of the risk I took ?
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Also, is syphilis spreaded uniquely from chancre contact, or by fluids as well, like blood, saliva, or vaginal secretions ?
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Syphilis is a highly infectious bacterial STD. It is spread by all body fluids except urine. It can be spread by skin to skin contact with people who have a syphilis rash.

If the lady you saw had syphilis - and that is the great unknown here - then your chances of acquisition are between 25 and 50%.

best regards, Sean
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so not even 100% from a really really low original possibility.

do you reckon i should have a test anyway, and if so when would be the earliest time to do so ?
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