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STD risks

Dear Doctor,

Frankly I am writing to you while a bit anxious after a recent exposure I had. It centers around a visit I made to a brothel.

1. I manually masturbated for a bit.

2. She pulled out a condom and asked why I wouldn't have some intercourse.

3. She opened the condom and gave it to me, I put it on and proceeded to enter her maybe three thrusts, and then pulled out and stopped. Three or four thrusts (not sure) not all the way in with my hand around my part so that only the covered part went in.

4. She was stimulating her part before she handed me the condom with the same hand used for that stimulation. Could she have transferred something that way?

5. When I pulled out I could not really be sure if the condom had broke although there was no force involved it was slow shallow thrusts, but I could see the tip was intact.

I am the type who has suffered from long term acne breakouts, and enlarged glands are the norm for my body, yet they almost always freak me out and I have done tests upon tests over the years. Two days after the encounter I noticed a whitehead pimple on the underside of my testicles. I did not pop it although I did touch it.

The next day so on the third day after the encounter, I got an enlarged gland in my groin on the side where the pimple was towards, and this proceeded to give me two nights of chills and sweats. The pimple was completely gone by the third day but the gland remained enlarged for two days after it had disappeared. Do you think the node was related to the pimple? Could it be related even if it remained enlarged for two days after the pimple had disappeared?

Now, it is the fifth day and the enlarged gland has almost disappeared although there still is some remnance of it.

I hope I have not bothered you with too much information, my concern is for any and all STD risks HIV Herpes Hepatitis...

Thanking you in advance!
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I am sure that you are fine from this episode.

You took care to protect your penis with the condom. That will eliminate any risl provided the condom stays on and stays intact - in this case you have described this as being the case.

I am sure that you have not contracted any STD or HIV.

kind regards, Sean
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