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Whats up Doc!

I have a two fold problem.

The first part concerns my own genital warts. I contracted them late 2009. I have been afflicted since then. I've tried burning, freezing, Condyline and Aldara. My immune system hasn't been able to shift the buggers in the intermittent 4 year period. Age old question, but what can I do now?

Secondly, an ex of mine has brought up the possibility of getting back with me and trying to start a family. Now she is from before I contracted these. I know she's never had these. I've heard her talk about HPV with a mutual friend and she mentioned that she never have warts. My warts are pretty widespread. Its not like condoms would protect anyone I could have a relationship with. I'm thinking about Gardasil? Is it out of proportion for a grown woman to vaccinate herself against HPV and thereby preventing these ghastly things appearing on her. I'm right in thinking theres a timeframe with Gardasil between initial jab and the boosters shots. How long would it take?      

Thanks in advance
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Thank you very much for your post.
The best way to eradicate these viruses is to be as proactive as possible.  Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is possibly the most effective treatment and you should have as many treatments as required to get rid of all the warts, and get the treatment as soon as you get a recurrence.  That will weaken the viruses and your immune system will eventually eradicate them.  Obviously it is important to keep healthy, making sure that your immune system remains strong, and you might need to exclude any underlying condition that might explain why you have a weak immunity.  You should also consider having the Gardasil vaccination.  We give it to men and women of all ages.  It will not only prevent new HPV infections in the future, but there is evidence that it will boos your immune system and will help to eradicate the HPV strains that you already carry.
I would also recommend your ex to get vaccinated to prevent that she gets infected.  The vaccination course involves three jabs, the first vaccination , then second one after two months, and the third after six months of the first one.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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