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Dear doctor,

All what I need is a professional answer describing me my risk...

My exposure started by getting a street lady to my hotel room. I first of all asked for a condom as I'm very careful not getting stds.  I got a sealed one which I opened myself.

What happened is,

I got oral sex with a condom ( the condom was not damaged afterwords as I checked that by filling it with water)
She did lay down on my back and massaged me with her body ( both naked)
I got no vaginal sex
I got no anal sex
I massaged very short her clitoris and she did that herself also very short.
Licked and slightly sucked her nipples ( I did not taste any milk or blood and saw no visible lesions but cant recall 100%, I tasted and smelt only perfume, I can't recall I washed my hands after the exposure)

Can you please tell me what my risk is? Any std including hiv or hepatitis?
Can you please describe that?

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Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum.
This sexual encounter, as described, would have not posed any risks of STIs, certainly no risk at all of any blood borne virus, like HIV or Hepatitis.  The oral sex was protected, which is safe, and there was no penetration.
The rest of the sexual activities can be considered also safe.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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