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throat swab ?

Would a standard throat swab (taken 7 weeks after exposure) from a GUM clinic detect Pharyngeal Gonorrhea or even HPV or Camydia etc etc    in the Windpipe/Laryanx area ?    as the throat swab does NOT reach that far down there when its taken ?     (thats where my soreness and tightness has been for 6 weeks after  fingering and placing my fingers directly in my mouth and French kissing a Prostitute)  And what if any is my risk of catching anything after the exposure described ?
Thank you very much for your prompt response
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Thank you for your post.
The swabs used are PCR swabs to detect the presence of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea in the pharynx.  They are not designed to detect these infections in the trachea or larynx.  However if the infection is present there, it would always have to be present in the throat and pharynx areas first.  Therefore if the result was negative, I would very much doubt that your symptoms could be related to having them lower down.  One can also detect HPV by using a PCR swab.  This has to be specifically requested and it is not done routinely.
My advice to you is to consult with an ENT Specilalist, if sympms persist.
It is certainly possible to contract these infections in the throat after your sexual encounter, but it is difficult.
Best wishes,
Dr José
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